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По умолчанию when Mariota has had

After Browns receiver Josh Gordon issued an aspirational-but-ominous statement regarding the fact that he’ll miss the first week of training camp Youth Bradley Chubb Jersey , Browns G.M. John Dorsey said that Gordon will be placed on the non-football injury list. According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Dorsey said Wednesday that the Browns will use a different designation.

According to Cabot, the Browns will place Gordon on the “did not report” list.

On the surface, that doesn’t mean much. He’s either with the team or not, and if he’s not with the team, the Browns need to find a way to account for him until he returns.

But “did not report” implies something more negative and voluntary than the non-football illness designation. It has the sound and feel of a holdout; indeed, it potentially makes Gordon subject to the daily fine of $40,000 for each day he missed.

Maybe there is, in a roundabout way Corey Linsley Jersey , a desire by Gordon to improve his financial standing. Because Gordon appeared in only five games in 2014 and five games in 2017, his shot at free agency (restricted or unrestricted) continues to be delayed. This year, the Browns were able to keep him by offering a one-year, $790,000 deal. Maybe the anxiety that reportedly is keeping him from camp arises in part from the fact that, more than six years after being drafted, he’s still making peanuts relative to other elite receivers.

Or maybe the Browns simply placed Gordon on the “did not report” list in order to free up the 90th roster spot. Absent an explanation as to why they used the device (the question has been posed), it’s impossible to know why the Browns opted for this specific designation. Either way, the words “did not report” carry much different weight than “non-football illness.”

Titans tight end Delanie Walker said recently that he’d welcome Dez Bryant to Tennessee to round out the team’s wide receiver group Chargers Elite Jerseys , but there hasn’t been a sign that the team is plotting a move to bring the veteran to Nashville.

If they do, it won’t be because of any public pushing from quarterback Marcus Mariota. The Titans have been shorthanded at receiver this spring as Rishard Matthews, Corey Davis and Michael Campanaro deal with various injuries, leaving Jason Wolf of the Tennessean to note that there have been times when Mariota has had no one open to throw to during drills.

Coach Mike Vrabel called receiver “always a position that you worry about,” but Mariota said the healthy wideouts have “shown glimpses” and that he looks forward to continued improvement.

“I don鈥檛 make those decisions,” Mariota said. “That’s up to our G.M. and our coaching staff. I’m more than willing to play with the guys that we have and just continue to grow with them.”

Mariota plans to get the receivers together before training camp starts in July and we’ll have to wait to find out if anyone new will be joining that group.
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