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Морской каякинг Морской каякинг, сплавы по рекам, хождение под парусом

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По умолчанию Veterans such as Mike Fisher

Chiefs safety Eric Berry has not played in a game since Week One of the 2017 season and it remains unclear if that will change this weekend.

Berry has been out of practice for three weeks because of a sore heel Bart Starr Jersey , which is the same injury that hindered him last summer before he tore his Achilles against the Patriots in the opener. Head coach Andy Reid sounded optimistic notes about Berry about a week into his absence, but gave a vaguer answer on Monday.

“We’ll see,” Reid said, via the Kansas City Star. “It’s day-to-day. We’ll see how it goes.”

With Daniel Sorensen on injured reserve, the newly reacquired Ron Parker and newly acquired Jordan Lucas join Eric Murray and Armani Watts as the non-Berry options at safety.

Having talent on the ice often times attracts聽talent off聽of it. The NHL is home to some of sports brightest stars. Some are young, others, in athlete years Youth Chris Wagner Jersey , are old 鈥?Imagine working in an occupation where 30 is considered old (or at least bordering on old age). When these stars on ice aren't dazzling with their play on the ice, they can often be seen cozying聽up to their easy on the eyes girlfriends聽and wives. Connor McDavid and Patrik Laine are two of hockey's most prized young jewels. Both, on top of performing miracle works on the ice, are doing聽quite well for themselves off of it too! But in saying that, you cannot forget about the guys who came before these young, rising stars.

Veterans such as Mike Fisher, who recently announced his retirement (for a second time 鈥?once more and we're into Brett Favre territory) have also done extremely well for themselves in the game away from the game 鈥?of course referring to聽The Dating Game. Fisher Peyton Manning Jersey , as most know, is married to country music star, Carrie Underwood. Perhaps the luckiest man in the NHL, Fisher, despite his eroding skills, still has the upper hand on the likes of McDavid and Laine in certain areas.

Here are some younger (and slightly older) NHL stars who are taking care of business in the dating game...
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