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At the end of this year, in addition to the ultra-popular Air Jordan 11 Concord , the Air Jordan 11 Platinum Tint will be unveiled at the end of this month. Sneakers photographer just_elliott brings us a fresh set of top-notch pictures to appreciate the unique charm of this new color scheme. The overall body of the shoe is covered in luxurious platinum, followed by the Jumpman Logo and the leather outline of the upper, the tongue label, etc., all with striking red accents, which is extremely attractive. The outsole is presented in a translucent jelly outsole that resembles the color of the Air Jordan 11 Big Devil. The visual expression is fresh and refined, and at the same time it also reveals a stylish atmosphere, and the performance on the foot will be exceptional!

Nike Air Jordan Shoes,This year, Air Jordan 1 year, the remaining two months of this year, there are four models in the AJ1. Recently, a new black and white color scheme has been released for sale. The upper is dressed in a pure black tone, and is made of a special fabric similar to the texture of the towel. It is made of soft leather with a soft texture and a unique style. Pure black upper with a pure white sole, simple and versatile. The shoe type is the ordinary high-top AJ1, not the OG version, with the Jumpman Logo on the tongue.

Nike has released a new Air Force 1 female exclusive shoe type Air FORCE 1 Jester XX since the beginning of the year. The ultra-avant-garde deconstruction design has naturally been favored by many sisters. Recently, the shoe model will also be released with two new color schemes. The two pairs of minimalist colors are available for sale, one for the classic white color and the other for the black and white. The iconic Swoosh Logo is designed with the Nike Air patch down, label misplacement, and deconstructed design at the heel.
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